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With the ability to target users by location, Facebook has become a very powerful tool for businesses looking to reach customers in their local area and build a following.  To really maximise your investment however you need to ensure your followers receive regular updates and coming up with creative content can be an issue.

Publishing Reviews on FacebookOne idea we recommend is posting regular feedback and testimonials from your customers, not only does this keep your Facebook page alive but it’s also a great way to share social proof and convince those who have yet to use your service that you are the company to contact.  This idea works for any social platform including Google+ which we highly recommend you have an account on,  after all its a service provided by Google who have the biggest share of the search market.

Reputation Engineer can be configured to automatically do this for you on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, Foursquare and Instagram automatically.  For maximum impact the system also creates a graphic of the feedback as you can see in the example on this page.

The East Sussex Tile Doctor page has at the time of writing 468 likes and without any manual intervention by the business owner the automatically published feedback post has been seen by 71 people, received numerous likes and generated two comments, the later of which referring the post to another person all within the first two hours.

Once configured Reputation Engineer monitors all the websites where feedback can be left about your company.  New feedback is then copied into its database and automatically shared on your social media channels,  interestingly this means that feedback left on Facebook will automatically be shared in your Facebook feed as a new post.

No other feedback system on the market
today is able to do this!


Talk to Reputation Engineer today and let us show you how we can help promote your business through the power of Reputation Marketing.


To learn more about how Reputation Engineer is being used by the Tile Doctor network please visit this page:

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