Why on-line reviews are so important

Service is becoming more important than price.

Think about it, whenever we think of purchasing a new product or service we search out others to ask them about their experiences before making a decision.  Price is no longer the primary factor when making a purchase, a companies reputation for quality and service are quickly becoming more important and a company with a five star reputation will earn more business that one with lessor reputation.

Putting Testimonials and Feedback from your customers on your website is an inexpensive way to increase Social Proof and better still putting those reviews on social media and other websites will increase traffic to your website and generate leads for your business.

What can the best review do?
Asking for and displaying appraisals of your product or service and can influence the customers in the following ways:

  • Increases conversion rates.
  • Builds and maintains customer’s trust and loyalty.
  • Demonstrates your commitment to providing a 5 Star service.

Static testimonials copied onto your website are a great start but to convey maximum Social Proof potential customers need to be assured they are genuine and the best way to do that is to utilise the various independent review platforms such as those from Facebook Google, Yahoo and Tripadvisor.

How to deal with negative reviews?
People love to complain so with the positive you will always receive some equally negative reviews.  It may not sound good but Negative reviews can actually be useful and the best way to deal with them is to investigate the problem and construct an informative and helpful reply. Tackling and reacting to client issues is the ideal approach to indicate to potential customers that you have an active customer support team who take criticism seriously and this is a great way to build trust.

To summarise,  with more and more people shopping on-line for products and services Reviews and Feedback’s are becoming incredibly important in the internet age.  Reviews are actually great publicity and free marketing for your business and a great way to build trust with your customers.

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